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12x18 Limited Edition - Numbered, Titled & Signed Print (of 22)

Daughters of the Green Lady 🍀 Creatures of Compassion 🌱

Leaving Lack Consciousness Behind 🍃


Forest Fawn are caretakers of all that is green and good. They are one with Nature, communicating with the plants and animals in a language without words. A human-like manifestation of forest and animal spirits which will help or hinder humans at whim, depending upon their intent. They lure Man away from Nature's most sacred sites to keep the heart of Her magic in secrecy, and protected for all time.

Throughout the years, they have been given many name, such as Faunfolk, or Woman of the Stag, Daughters of the Green Lady. They are silent walkers of the woods, moving through the wilds like ghosts, and only befriending those with a pure soul. They exist to move the planet From Scarcity to Abundance, and to embody the flow of the Universe and symbiosis of Man and Nature.


The Fawn inspire fear in those that would desire to rape the planet of it's essence... but, for those that bring peace and harmony, it would not be uncommon for one to appear and bestow a basket of fruit and vegetables as a token of gratitude.

Typically, encounters with Forest Fawn are made when one is left alone or in small groups, and they almost never leave the forest unless circumstances are dire.

They are the most kind and gentle of creatures - until you desecrate the land - thus, revealing a facet of themselves that makes even the most baleful shadows flee. Yet, they do not kill those that wish to harm the planet.. although, retribution is still at hand. For some, their punishment is much worse than death.. As one is thrown into an illusory realm, wandering twisted trails of thorns and briar and poisonous, itchy foliage for an eternity, forced to face the error of their ways.

Only until one has wholly made amends for their misdeeds and moral shortcomings, will the way out be found.. thus, emerging as a protector of the land and it's inhabitants..

A redeemed warrior of the Green Lady is born!


"We embody whatever expression of ourselves feels the least threatening to the forest."



(digital/wacom tablet)


"Forest Fawn" LE22 Limited Edition 12x18, Lustre Print