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"Musings of the Moonkin"

Limited Edition Lustre Prints 
on high quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper.

(signed, titled & numbered)


+ LE100, 12x18 inches - Limited Edition run of 100 copies.
+ LE44, 18x24 inches - Limited Edition run of 44 copies.

A demi-god & musical master. A true prodigy of harmonics and rhythm. Since the very day she was born, she was humming melodies. By the age of 2, she was creating entire symphonies.. so beautiful, it brought the greatest composers to tears. At the age of 9, she invented a curious head piece. It synergistically fuses with the wearer.. in a way that manifests imagery based upon a combination of the sounds and music the wearer is playing, the emotions being expressed, thoughts, mental imagery, along with the intelligence of the helmet itself.. to change shape, and not only that, but create illusions or visuals in the nearby space that correspond to the feedback. When the helmet is not in use, it appears quite simple & ordinary.. as if it were just an off-white, creamy colored helmet with no particular features.
There is much more to be said about this brilliant design & the ways of the Moonkin, but that is for another time..


"Musings of the Moonkin" Limited Edition Prints

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