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12x12 Limited Edition/Signed & Numbered Print (of 22)

I call upon the wisest elves, to teach me all their ancient spells. 💫
The Starcane are a race of interdimensional elven-faery crossbreed. Fervent and unwavering protectors of the Light. Eloquent, graceful, inquisitive, insightful, and intuitive. Skin glistening with an ethereal glow and carrying a spellbinding scent that induces a dreamlike state. Although, most of their magic abilities are drawn from aetherberries, they have developed their own form of Mind Magic which allows them to conjure illusions, warp time-space, perform quantum healing and cast protective barriers. When combined with the effects of ætherberries, it seems the extent of their powers are only limited by their own resolve and imagination.
They are diligent in overlooking the Bringers of Chaos to ensure they do not bring about their ritual of dimensive extinction... but not even the Starcane are able to see all of what goes on in the darkest depths of the shadows - no matter how many ætherberries are eaten.. and one must always be careful of how many aetherberries are eaten, lest one too many is enough to drive even the most steadfast of souls mad for lifetimes. 

(digital/wacom tablet)

"Starcane Fae" LE22 Limited Edition Prints

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